LENS Living Lab



LENS Living Lab is an organized and coordinated international virtual workplace to support partnerships in learning, co-creating, evolving and commercializing new technologies, innovations, business models, competencies, and supporting various forms of knowledge management. LENS Living Lab has more than ten years of tradition in the field of partnering in the development of advanced technologies, innovation ecosystems, business models of virtual business and related competencies. Founder of LENS Living Lab is INOVA Consulting, which in 2011 formally established an international industrial innovation network of long-term collaboration, which today includes strategic partners from Austria, Denmark, India, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, and the United States. INOVA Consulting is today an integral part of the INTESO Group – the present enabler and coordinator  of LENS Living Lab. INTESO Group core partners develop and market ICT solutions and products to support the governance and management of virtual production and logistics systems and the needs of virtual innovation environments. Today, in the LENS Living Lab innovation portfolio, there are nine (9) collaborative innovation platforms aimed at developing different technologies and innovation ecosystems. One of  such technology generic innovation collaboration platforms titled as  “Smart Factories” –  was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting an open research and innovation program, titled “Smart Machines and Systems.” The main goal of this program was (and still is) the motivation and direction of industrial research- innovation in the development of applications of the Smart Factory concept by the use of user-friendly “Reliever and Mobility Technologies” (nowadays much better known as “key enabling technologies“). The international open innovation program is being implemented with partners from different parts of the world and has encouraged the implementation of many partner enterprise research and innovation projects.

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 Technologies in Focus:

  • CCS, IoT, CPS, RComm, robotics, AM, BD, VMS
  • Virtual value chains and collaboration platforms
  • Business models, systems and technologies for industry open research and innovation communities
  • Technology management systems and services
  • Open innovation platforms
  • Technologies of virtual collaborative workplaces
  • Virtual innovation ecosystem technologies
  • Life-long learning technologies
  • Technology development and transfer to the users
  • CRI PMO technologies  


  • Strategy, development and coordination of DIGITECH SI-EAST open innovation community
  • Collaboration platform digital ecosystem services
  • LENS Living Lab open innovation toolbox and services
  • New technology systems initiation, development, support and coordination
  • Partnering in industry application development
  • Technology management consulting and engineering services
  • Partnering in industry CRI projects
  • Knowledge management services

VMS – Virtual Management System
AM – Additive Manufacturing
CCS – Cloud Computing Services
CPS – Cyber Physical System
RComm – Radio Communications
BD – Big Data
CRI – Collaborative Research and Innovation
PMO – Project Management Office

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